Countertop Measurement/Edges

Countertop Measurement Instructions

measurement1In order to get the most accurate price on your countertops, you can measure your existing countertop and submit your square footage for an estimate even before you come into the showroom.

  1. Measure in inches along the back wall of all countertops (separate into rectangles to avoid measuring the same areas twice, measure special shapes as a rectangle. Include sinks and rangetops that will be cutout.), multiply by 25.5″ which is the standard depth of countertops or multiply by your specific depth and divide by 144.
  2. If you want to include a backsplash. Measure in inches for your backsplash by measuring the back wall of all countertops, multiply by 5″ which is the standard height of most backsplashes or by your preferred height, and divide by 144.
  3. Choose your thickness of stone and enter the combined square footage into the contact form below.

Popular Edge Profiles

While all of our work is custom below are some basic edges we create to help you begin your design process. These edges are available in all of our countertop styles including granite, quartz, solid surface and laminate countertops.


Flat Polish 1/4″ Round 1/2″ Round Bevel


Bullnose Ogee Ogee Bullnose Demi Bullnose